Turing codec presented to the Japanese broadcaster NHK

On 22 March 2017, Matteo Naccari from the BBC R&D presented the latest developments of the HEVC Turing codec at the “Third regular workshop on advanced television systems” of the Science and Technology Research Laboratories (STRL) of the Japanese public broadcaster NHK. The event is organised by the “Advanced Television Systems” research division of STRL and aims to present the current status of research projects and the general progress made throught the year. The workshop was attended by all members of the division plus some additional staff from other research groups within STRL.

The presentation focused on an overview of the Turing codec, the starting points, algorithmic and assessment work, overview of the architecture and then concluded with some results about the performance of the codec. The resaerch and developments to the Turing codec are carried out within the COGNITUS project.