COGNITUS: A media AI software platform for crowdsourcing and enhancing video for broadcast

Our artificial intelligence based platform offers the mechanisms to engage the public and provide high fidelity professional productions based on User-Generated Content (UGC). COGNITUS receives video from non-professional sources, and automatically quality checks and enhances the quality. A mobile phone app is used to record and upload video to servers for processing using media AI machine learning techniques to ‘professionalise’ its production values. The high-quality videos can then be searched and accessed by programme makers with criteria like visual similarity, and audio matches using the COGNITUS production smart tools. The platform aims to engage the audience by including quality checked and enhanced content created by viewers, whilst providing broadcasters smart software tools to facilitate this. COGNITUS offers a core product plus optional add-ons to curate, aggregate, and enhance UGC footage, with smart tools for producers to facilitate content discovery.

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COGNITUS Core includes the mobile app, production smart tools, and the core platform. It handles media asset management operations, module coordination, and UGC applications. Further functionality can be extended by connecting any of the available Add-Ons.


The Quality Enhancement add-on applies various processes to upgrade the quality of the UGC to UHD ready format, so that it will offer the best QoE to the end users. Processes for the upgrade of both video and audio features of the UGC are included.

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The Metadata Enrichment add-on uses complementary information associated with media items mined from social platforms. The tags from suitable media items are collected and correlated with high-level semantic information.

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Smart Production Tools is a very powerful add-on module for professional content producers. This enables smart content discovery based on visual similarity, or audio matches. This is made possible by automatic video analysis and metadata processing

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This add-on is ideal for industry clients who receive large amounts of UGC and need an automated way of assessing its video and audio quality in an objective way. Time are resources are saved through avoiding the need to manually assess quality of all the UGC. The levels of acceptability can be set according to the production needs.

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The Set-Top Box (STB) add-on provides an alternative way of delivering UHD content to users’ TV sets in a context-sensitive manner in parallel with LIVE broadcast. Content is served through applications to the end users via adaptive streaming which enables the quality of the streamed content to be adjusted according to users’ network capacity or device capabilities.

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