COGNITUS: An AI media and production suite for curating user generated content for broadcast

Our artificial intelligence based platform offers the mechanisms to engage the public and provide high fidelity professional productions based on User-Generated Content (UGC). COGNITUS enables crowd-sourced video content to be curated, aggregated, quality checked and enhanced to make it more appealing to audiences. Smart tools are also provided for producers for swift and efficient content discovery. Leveraging enhanced crowd-sourced content through COGNITUS, facilitates reductions in the cost of producing high quality ultra-high definition content. Furthermore, the COGNITUS platform offers a means of engagement for the general public to get involved in broadcast content production, further enhancing their creativity, providing an immense sense of achievement through active participation rather than passive viewing.

Crowdsourcing and management of UGC

The COGNITUS platform is the result of the COGNITUS project that united international experts in video broadcasting, processing and analytics to develop new AI media technology to harness user generated videos for broadcasters. The platform aims to engage the audience by including quality checked and enhanced content created by viewers, whilst providing broadcasters smart software tools to facilitate this. Capturing video content and sharing takes place via a mobile app. The mobile app uploads the videos to the core platform, where media AI modules handle automatic processing to make the content more production ready. Producers use the smart production suite for managing briefs and calls for contributions, plus swift content discovery and storytelling.

Mobile app for capturing, and sharing videos with broadcasters

Video uploads are sent to our software platform for AI processing to provide automatic quality checks, and enhancements

Web dashboard for producers and creative professionals to access smart tools for content discovery

The COGNITUS product suite

COGNITUS offers a core product plus optional add-ons to curate, aggregate, and enhance UGC footage, with smart tools for producers to facilitate content discovery.

Cognitus system icon

Core System

COGNITUS Core is the heart of the system. It includes the mobile app, production smart tools, and the core platform. It is responsible for media asset management operations, module coordination, and UGC applications for the end users and the professionals.

Functionality can be easily extended by connecting any of the available Add-Ons to the core COGNITUS product.

Enhancing Quality

The Quality Enhancement Add-On applies various AI processes to upgrade the quality of the UGC videos to UHD ready format, to offer the best quality of experience to the end users.

The Quality Enhancement Add-On applies various processes to upgrade the quality of this UGC to UHD ready format, so that it will offer the best QoE to the end users. Processes for the upgrade of both video and audio features of the UGC are included.

Metadata icon

Enriching Metadata

The Metadata Enrichment Add-On exploits the availability of complementary information associated with media items from social platforms.

Supplementary metadata content is mined from popular social media platforms via various metadata crawlers. The tags associated with suitable media items are collected and correlated with high-level semantic information.

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Smart Content Discovery

Smart Production Tools is a very powerful add-on module for professional content producers. This enables smart content discovery, and enables them to create an event narrative consisting of various media sources.

The media association between different video streams is achieved through the extraction of correlation timestamps based on video analysis and metadata processing. This allows the establishing of semantic events across a wide range of video footage, gathered from various sources, towards presenting them on a unified chronological timeline.

Quality assessment icon

Automated Quality Assessment

The Quality Assessment add-on is ideal for industry clients who receive large amounts of UGC and need an automated way of assessing its video and audio quality in an objective way.

It minimises the risk of displaying poor quality content, by screening and discarding non-eligible UGC early in the processing pipeline. Thus, it saves both platform resources, and professionals’ time through avoiding the need to manually assess quality of all the UGC. The levels of acceptability can be set according to the production needs.

Set Top Box Icon

Set-Top Box Options

The Set-Top Box (STB) add-on addresses the needs of networks that offer STB services to its customers. It provides an alternative way of delivering UHD content to users’ TV sets in a context-sensitive manner in parallel with LIVE broadcast

The video server will serve content through applications to the end users via adaptive streaming. This implies that the quality of the streamed content will be adjusted according to users’ network capacity or device capabilities.

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