Activities and main results

The COGNITUS technical innovations culminated in a novel platform and suite of applications. Two installations were set up at the BBC in the UK and at FORTHNET in Greece, and large-scale deployments were launched at high profile cultural entertainment and sports events across both countries. UGC video content was captured, enhanced and enriched by the COGNITUS technology components, and validation was provided by UGC contributors and producers. The ability of the platform to support the COGNITUS mission was demonstrated successfully. Very positive results were received on the platform’s performance under real conditions, and from the contributors and producers interacting with the platform.

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The various content processing algorithms at the heart of the technical innovations and associated results are available to the scientific community as research publications, and open access datasets. New technology introduced is now available to the consortium partners, and beyond with some software results also available as open source. COGNITUS UGC tools can be used for research purposes by various institutions in the future.

COGNITUS gained wide interest at national and international workshops and trade shows, including IBC 2018, broadcasting events such as EBU conferences, and two TV appearances. COGNITUS elicited interest from broadcasters, content producers, technology providers and system integrators. Exploitation opportunities centre around the COGNITUS modular product (as a core product with add-ons to provide the functionality according to the needs of the productions). COGNITUS CORE consists of ten modules responsible for media asset management operations, module coordination, and UGC applications for the end users and the professionals. The add-ons provide extra functionality for quality assessment and video and audio enhancement, narrative event plotting, metadata enrichment, quality assessment and set top box adaptive streaming.